Tattu 220mAh 3.7V 45C 1S LiPo (5 Pack) Batteries

Regular price $23.99

This is Tattu's latest offering to meet the needs of the ever growing FPV market. These Tiny Whoop batteries come in packs of 5 which allow us to pass on bulk pricing to you. Performance wise these rank consistently in the top five 1S batteries for whooping and have Tattu's proven record behind them. They are rated at 45C max amp draw which is more than enough to handle the most demanding setups.

Minimum Capacity: 220mAh
Configuration: 1S1P*5 / 3.7v
Discharge Rate: 45C
Max Burst discharge Rate: 90C
Net Weight: 5.5g
Dimensions: 51mm Length x 12mm Width x 6mm Height

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