RaceKraft 5051 5" Tri-Blade Prop

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RaceKraft has quickly risen in popularity as the go-to choice for top competing and freestyle pilots. The RaceKraft 5051 is the game changing prop everyone has been talking about. And of course there are over-hyped products, but every once in awhile there's a true game changer and this prop is just that. Designed from the ground up, the RaceKraft team threw convention out the window and set after making the most powerful and efficient prop possible. After hundreds of hours of testing and development the results are simply jaw dropping.

What's with the funky design? Glad you asked! If you've ever seen an airplane propeller up close you'll notice the pitch is greater the closer you get to the center. The reason being that the inside of the prop moves slower than the exterior thus a higher pitch is needed to create a smooth and consistent distribution of lift. Theory is nice but what about the real world? Take a look at Bapu thrust testing the 5051's.

Rumor has it that these will make your 4S setup perform like 5S. That's a bold statement but if you're still reading this, just buy a set and give them a try for yourself. We carry clear smoke, clear green, clear red, clear purple, and clear yellow. Drone Racing Supply also carries the RaceKraft 5040 Quad-Blades if you are looking for something more traditional.

Each order has four propellers: two regular (5051) and two reverse (5051R).

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