About Us

At Drone Racing Supply we are avid pilots who started out like everyone else.  We were frustrated with trying to decipher the lingo that more experienced pilots were using to try their best to describe the ins and outs of quad building, flight controller setup, but also the basics from how to start flying fpv in acro to how to solder correctly.  

We started trying to bridge the gap between veteran and beginner and in that pursuit wound up noticing all the other flaws in the industry, namely customer service and professionalism in the marketplace.  

Based out of South Carolina we strive to create relationships with our customers whether they are just getting into the sport and hobby of FPV flying or they have been at it since the beginning.  We want to be the mentor and suppliers out clients need so they can get the answers they need and the items they want in a fast and friendly manner.

If you ever need help please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs as quickly and friendly as possible.  Have a question that we don't know off hand?  No worries we will help you track the answer down!  We know how difficult it can seem when you have a problem that you just cant seem to get around.  Were there with you the whole way as best we can.

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Email: sales@droneracingsupply.com