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Furious True-D v3.5 Diversity Receiver

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The best gets better with Furious FPV's TRUE-D V3.5 - an evolution of the most popular diversity system on the market today. With the V3.5, we've refined the TRUE-D with all new ergonomics and functionality, offering a unrivaled system that is designed to optimize your FatShark experience like no other receiver system available today.

Ergonomically sound with added levels of durability, we've introduced a multi button approach that does away with the previous scroll wheel to help better navigate the menu with goggles on or off. This new design also allows us to take advantage of built in FatShark hardware, offering on / off capabilities with the FatShark goggle buttons.

Incorporating all new firmware that is easier to use and more powerful than ever, the TRUE-D V3 utilizes an all new USB port for easy firmware updates, making new firmware installations painless, simple and to the point. Add in additional modules to help dissipate heat, the V3 also integrates a built in low voltage buzzer, providing pilots with crucial warning when power gets low.

Unlike average diversity systems that simply alternate channels at predetermined points, the Furious TRUE-D actively searches for the greatest level of signal strength via Smooth Switch technology - choosing the highest strength output for maximum video clarity. And with the new V3 system, a higher resolution RSSI is utilized with greater antenna switching capability, offering even better signal resolution & video clarity than any other model on the market today.

With a total of (40) available channels, the TRUE-D is hyper flexible, offering Manual Channel Setup, Auto Search Mode, and Working Channel Mode.  These different selections provide the end user with total control, allowing you to select what works the very best when it comes to your FPV systems.

Complicated and time consuming setup? Not a chance. Step into Easy View - an ultra simple interface that utilizes a high resolution LCD screen for all setup functionality. With the brand new multi button V3 interface, programming your TRUE-D is easier than ever, allowing instantaneous levels of adjustment via the optimized 3 button layout.

Compact and designed to be housed within the FatShark Dominator goggle sets, the Furious TRUE-D V3.5 system is a true "plug and play" setup that will pay massive dividends when it comes to pushing your FPV to the limits. With all new V3.5 capability, you are moments away from the very best FPV upgrade available today, providing epic levels of FPV clarity that must be seen to believe.

All New V3 Updates:
- Ergonomic & Robust 3 Button Layout
- Single Press Button via FatShark Goggles or TRUE-D System
- Power On / Power Off Functionality To Conserve Power & Reduce Thermal Loading
- Increased RSSI with Better Antenna Switching Algorithm
- Built In Low Power Buzzer
- Separate Modules To Decrease Thermal Loading
- New USB Port for Easy Firmware Updates
- Brand New Firmware for Greater Levels of Functionality & Simplicity

- True Diversity System Functionality
- Smooth Switch Video Switching Technology
- Raceband Channel Ready
- Multiple Channel Modes - Auto, Manual & Working Modes
- Ultra Compact
- Designed for the FatShark Dominator V1, V2 & V3 Goggles
- Built In Easy View LCD Screen for the Ultimate in Setup Ease

SMA Style: SMA Jack Connector / Female
Working Frequency: 5.8GHz
Application: FatShark Dominator V1, V2 & V3 Goggles
Number of Channels: (40) Channels

(1) Furious FPV TRUE-D V3.5 Diversity Receiver System
(1) Plastic Cover
(1) 45 Degree SMA connector
(1) 90 Degree SMA connector