Matek PDB-XPW w/ Current Sensor 140A & Dual BEC PDB

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Matek is one of our favorite brands here at Drone Racing Supply. It's one of the brands we started flying on personal builds and knew we had to start carrying. The Matek PDB-XPW with built-in 140A current sensor and dual BEC (12v and 5v) regulators. 

The PDB-XPW from Matek Systems distributes power from a Lipo pack to 4 ESCs, as well as providing synchronised & regulated DC 5V outputs & linear regulated DC 12V for powering cameras, RC receivers, flight contollers, video transmitters and LEDs etc. The Matek PDB-XPW also has a built-in 140A current module, offers a XT60PW socket to connnect the LiPo pack conveniently.