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Spedix 25A 3-4S Dshot BlHeli_S ESC

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This is the new Spedix 25A ESC. It's powered by a high performance EFM8BB21 MCU, and flashed with the latest BLHeli_S. With the combination of dedicated drive chip, this speed controller has excellent response speed and efficiency. The filter circuit of ES25 is composed of 12 low ESR capacitors, a number much more than competitors that use only 4-5 of them. As a result, ES25 has less current ripples and higher system stability, and less interference to wireless video transmitters.

Excellent design, authentic electronic components, and good manufacturing process all together make the ESC an excellent product with great quality, reliability, and stability.


  • Continuous Current: 25A
  • Burst Current: 35A
  • Voltage Range: 2-4S LiPo
  • Weight: 5.9g
  • Dimensions: 12.8X25.8X5 mm 
  • Firmware: BLHeLi_S