VueXL VX1 FPV Headset

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The VX1 was designed to make the thrill of big screen FPV flying more accessible to all pilots. VueXL focused on improving the basics such as fit, FOV (Field of View), easy of use and compatibility with all makes of 5.8ghz video transmitters.

Comfortable Fit
The VX1 is unique because it uses a soft flexible housing that can be adjusted to custom fit your face whether you are a youngster or need the extra room to wear glasses when piloting.

Just Right FOV
The FOV (field of view) is an immersive 49 degrees, which is nearly double that of a typical entry level goggle. The Vx1 also comes with 4 high quality lenses which lets you choose the magnification that best suits your vision.
3 Options to Wear and Share FPV
Head mount the VX1 via the adjustable 3 point head strap or use the integrated visor clip toÊattach it to the bill of your favorite baseball cap. The 1/4 inch threaded stand mount option is great for those that wish to take off or land via line of sight then make the easy transition into FPV flight when ready. The removable housing also makes the VX1 screen a great ground station to give FPV ride along's to spectators.
Full Access to the 5.8ghz Spectrum
The integrated 48 channel video RX with auto scan, can quickly lock into to the 5.8ghz signal of many popular brands of video transmitters including the newly spec'd race band frequencies.
Fly All Day On One Charge
The Vx1 has an Integrated battery with a class leading 7 hour battery life and LED charge status indicator. The micro USB charge port means the it can be kept topped at your desk or on the go with portable device chargers you may already have.
Easy Storage
Taking the VX1 along is simple because it's designed to fold flat and has a convenient place store your favorite lens. The included storage bag keeps your headset protected when traveling.
  • FOV: 49 degrees with 2.5x lens
  • Screen Size: 4.3 inch
  • Resolution: 480*234
  • Battery life: 7 hours with LED battery level indicator
  • Charging: supports Micro USB charging
  • SMA Connector Type: RPSMA
  • Antenna: 5.8ghz +5db Linear Polarized
  • Mounting option: 3 point Head strap, Visor Clip, or 1/420
  • Threaded swivel tripod mount

5.8ghz 48 Channel, compatible with most 5.8G transmitter in the market ( Aomway, Boscam, DJI, FatShark, Skyzone) LED indicator shows band (Green Blinks) and Channel (Red Blinks)

  • VX1 FPV Headset with integrated 5.8 RX, Battery, ¼ - 20 Swivel and Visor Clip
  • 4 pcs Lens Kit
  • Adjustable 3 point head strap
  • Draw String Storage Bag
  • Quick Start Guide